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  • The Rock and Roll Pride Ride and the Tomboy Queen

      I was the queen of the TOMBOYS. I remember rough housing on the school play ground in the 1st and 2nd grade with the boys, playing in the dirt with TONKA trucks, trading horror comic books for models of …

    Posted: June 28th 2015 @8:22 AM
  • Drawing-Room Drama… With Some Clever Twists

    The story of a woman chafing at her traditional roles as wife and mother—and ultimately breaking free from them—may feel old-hat to those living in a post-1970s world, but when Norwegian playwright Henrick Ibsen wrote A Doll’s House in a …

    Posted: June 20th 2015 @2:04 PM
  • Captured 1614

    The Mayflower arrived in what is now known as Provincetown Harbor in (according to the European calendar) November of 1620. But the happy fictional images of the first Thanksgiving were not the first encounter between the Native population and the …

    Posted: June 1st 2015 @8:34 AM
  • Paul Wisotzky

    He is himself a potter, but Paul Wisotzky doesn’t talk much about his own art. Instead, it’s the work of the other artists at his gallery—the Blue Gallery on Commercial Street in Provincetown—that captivates him. And it’s easy to see …

    Posted: May 28th 2015 @7:20 AM
  • Marge Piercy on Healing Wisdom

    Marge Piercy, author of seventeen novels including The New York Times Bestseller Gone To Soldiers; the National Bestsellers Braided Lives and The Longings of Women, and the classic Woman on the Edge of Time; will be on WOMR’s Healing Wisdom …

    Posted: April 2nd 2015 @12:58 PM
  • Zoe Lewis is in the house!

    Hello, gentle listeners, and tune in to Arts Week today, January 22nd, for an interview with the charming and talented Zoe Lewis. We’ll be talking about music, performances, feminism, travel, and more! 12:30 pm ET.

    Posted: January 22nd 2015 @10:14 AM
  • Drawing the Line

    With New Year’s Eve just passing us by, this little resolution seemed appropriate. I call it Drawing the Line. I remember taking my first and only trip (thus far) to Israel. I was told it would be a life-changing trip, …

    Posted: January 8th 2015 @12:41 PM
  • Ambiguity in the Darkness

    There are many stories about what happened in France during the German Occupation—almost as many stories as there were people who lived them. For some, France was filled with resisters who sabotaged the Nazis at every turn. For others, it …

    Posted: January 1st 2015 @6:30 PM
  • Here There Be Dragons

    Matthew Reilly’s new thriller, The Great Zoo of China, has action. Lots of it. On every page. Of course, a lot of action does not necessarily a novel make, and when even the most exciting of sequences is repeated too …

    Posted: December 14th 2014 @1:57 PM
  • The Boss is Always Greener

    I took some zany jobs in my younger years. I was a barker at an amusement pier in Long Branch, New Jersey. I got on the microphone and called folks to throw down quarters, spin the wheel of chance and …

    Posted: October 7th 2014 @8:50 AM