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  • Pride

    Posted: July 9th 2014 @8:38 AM

    Gay Pride 2014 I was standing in front of “The Duchess,” a lesbian bar in Greenwich Village. I had just moved to New York City. I was 17 years old. I had found the courage to leave home, but the …

  • Motherless Daughters on Mother’s Day

    Posted: May 16th 2014 @6:57 AM

      On Mother’s Day when we were kids, Dad would take us to a drugstore and buy hairbrushes, body lotion, athlete’s foot powder … you know, the sentimental stuff. He’d also pick up a Mother’s Day card and have us …

  • The Everyday Excellence Awards

    Posted: March 4th 2014 @11:44 PM

    Why do award shows mean so much to us? The Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, the Grammys, the Oscars, it’s as if our world comes screeching to a halt once that red carpet rolls out. We sit awestruck, watching …

  • Women Roar, Even When They Cook

    Posted: January 29th 2014 @11:30 PM

        When I was 7, I thought I could rule the world. My mother, Harriet, had told me that we were from the tribe of Judah. How she knew this, thousands of years later, I don’t know; it’s amazing …

  • Merry Kitschmas to ALL

    Posted: December 23rd 2013 @10:18 AM

    I like to think of being Jewish as a marathon sport. I can dole out a soul-crushing guilt complex, shot-put-style, successfully match-make without meeting the intendeds and turn dinner for two into a fridge full of leftovers. I am Jewish …

  • Hurricane Sandy One Year Ago

    Posted: October 29th 2013 @9:18 AM

    hi dears this was my post on a year ago…seemed fitting to repost it here one year later these days thank god, i am warm and safe but never going to take a hot shower, a warm bed and …

  • Ode to Norma Holt

    Posted: October 5th 2013 @8:02 AM

    I met Norma many years ago when I rented the smallest apartment I’d ever stayed in. We are talking little! I once almost dis-located my shoulder trying to use the bathroom. But it had a view, wow what a view …

  • Today 12 years ago, September 11th

    Posted: September 11th 2013 @2:03 PM

    Hi everyone on this sad  anniversary as i watch the news footage at ground zero and think of where i was that terrible morning 12 years ago it is hard to smile but I feel maybe, maybe I am ready  …

  • The Journey or the Destination

    Posted: September 3rd 2013 @5:42 PM

    The Journey or the Destination Today I am feeling inspired by Diana Nyad. This 64-year-old babe has accomplished her more then 3 decade long dream, by finally on her 5th attempt, swimming from Cuba to Florida. We are talking about …

  • Birth of a Chef Part Two

    Posted: August 25th 2013 @1:55 PM

    Hey love bugs, hope you’ve been listening to “BIte This” Mondays at 12:45 and also the pod casts..