• HELP!!!!!

    Posted: November 25th 2014 @2:17 PM

    We’re soooo close, but we need you to give us a boost to get to the top. Our fall pledge drive was tremendously successful, and our gratitude goes to everyone who participated. We just need a few more community-minded folks …

  • Holiday Radio Drama

    Posted: November 24th 2014 @10:56 AM

    Check out the work of the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater. They’ve put together a holiday-themed play that is sure to become a classic. We’re proud to share it with you once again through the magic of the pod.

  • Fall and Winter Benefit Film Series

    Posted: November 13th 2014 @5:40 PM
  • Fall and Winter Benefit Film Series

    Posted: November 6th 2014 @8:39 PM
  • Fall and Winter Benefit Film Series

    Posted: October 30th 2014 @8:37 PM
  • Movie Night

    Posted: October 24th 2014 @1:05 AM
  • Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest

    Posted: October 22nd 2014 @3:35 PM

    Words            Meter                          Imagery                                       Metaphor                                                        Cash Prizes Are you a poet? Are you brave enough to submit your work to be judged by others? Would you feel differently if there was the chance that you could be …

  • WOMR Record Shop

    Posted: October 5th 2014 @12:00 PM

    Thanks to the generous donations of several listeners, WOMR has gotten into the vintage vinyl trade. Some of the items are quite rare and valuable while other pieces may be more on the invaluable side of things. If you have …

  • This Weekend in Truro

    Posted: September 30th 2014 @4:05 PM
  • On Demand Listening

    Posted: September 16th 2014 @4:22 PM

    Whether you’re looking to get your taste of the Cape from afar or you just want to catch up with your favorite shows, you can get what you need when you need it from our podcast section. From politics to …