• Dances with Elks

    Posted: February 24th 2014 @5:15 PM


  • Celebrate International Women’s Day with WOMR

    Posted: February 12th 2014 @1:43 PM
  • Posted: February 12th 2014 @12:02 PM
  • Pods and Blogs

    Posted: January 15th 2014 @9:35 PM

    Did you know that there’s a world of content available exclusively on the WOMR website? There are some incredibly talented writers in our midst and they have graciously volunteered to share their talents with us. Ira Wood, Jeannette de Beauvoir …

  • Posted: January 14th 2014 @1:36 PM
  • Posted: January 5th 2014 @9:13 PM
  • A Christmas Mystery

    Posted: December 24th 2013 @4:56 AM

    Catch up on all the earlier chapters of the Mouse Made of Dough. It’s a holiday themed child’s first radio mystery produced by the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater and heard as a podcast right here at womr.org.

  • Fall and Winter Film Series

    Posted: December 17th 2013 @3:54 PM
  • Poetry Contest

    Posted: November 25th 2013 @3:21 PM


  • Remembering Phil Ochs

    Posted: November 14th 2013 @7:15 PM

    Tickets available at the door