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  • All Better Now

    Posted: September 17th 2013 @10:42 AM

    Thanks for asking. After a brief transition period as we performed the final migration of our webby stuff from the old platform to the new, all systems are now go for the brave new world. TuneIn, Public Radio Tuner and …

  • Future Imperfect

    Posted: September 10th 2013 @8:14 PM

    The future of radio is rapidly becoming reality, but it isn’t without its rough spots. Would you know it was us if it were completely smooth sailing all the time? With the advent of the new website, we built a …

  • So Much Quality

    Posted: August 30th 2013 @10:39 PM

    In case you haven’t visited our podcast page recently, allow us to direct your attention to a whole boatload of auditory goodness. First off, you may want to get some tech tips from Billy The Computer Guy — he’s got …

  • WOMR’s New Beach Towel

    Posted: August 23rd 2013 @5:47 PM

    The towels have arrived in the office and they are GORGEOUS! If you are expecting one, you should be getting it in the mail shortly. If you’d like one (and we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), you can secure one …