Event Proposal Form

WOMR/WFMR Events Committee – Proposal Form

Thanks for your interest in producing an event for Community Radio WOMR/WFMR. In order to make the process more efficient, we have created some guidelines and an online form to complete. Please read the guidelines first (below) then click here to access the form.

1. Purpose of the Events Committee

The Events Committee was created to improve the process for producing events in support of Community Radio, and to insure clear accountability for the content and financial results. The Committee includes members of the WOMR Board of Directors, plus other volunteers. All members serve by appointment by the Board of Directors.

2. Responsibilities of the Events Committee

The Committee is charged with the responsibility of:

co-ordinating and overseeing all WOMR/WFMR events.

presenting events requiring budgets over $1500 (inclusive of ALL expenses) to the Board for their approval

appointing a member of the Committtee to be part of every sub-committee formed for individual events.

3. Goals of the Events Committee

Encourage and facilitate community participation in creating WOMR/WFMR events

Build partnerships and relationships with other complementary community and arts-related organizations

Use events to engage our audience and increase outreach across and throughout Cape Cod.

4. Event guidelines

Events can have one or more goals including…

Increase awareness of radio station, build audience

Community service

Bring revenue to community radio

As a tax-exempt, not for profit organization under Section 501c3, and as holder of a broadcast license from the FCC, there are rules that govern our work with other organizations, both for profit and not for profit – the Committee can provide more details and advice.

Please use the form below to submit an event to WOMR.

Event Title:

Event Description:
Please provide a brief description of the proposed event.

Proposed Date:
If the dates are flexible, provide range of dates.

Proposed Venue:
Where will the event take place?

Proposed Budget:
If the event will need a budget, please provide the details below.

Proposed Timeline:
Working from the proposed date of the event backwards, list the major milestones for this event, including dates for each milestone.

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