Lady Di

lady_diRather than me writing something myself …. I though it best come from some of my listeners from all over:

“I love listening to Leggs Up and Dancing with Lady Di! I live in Boston and can only tune in over the internet. Lady Di’s program is so much fun to listen to that I find myself staying at work until 7:00 just to hear the whole show…it’s that good!”

Leggs Up and Dancing with Lady Di is a great way to close the week. Lady Di combines good music and fun. It helps me leave the work week behind and segue into the weekend. I always feel better after listening to the show.”

“You made me, an unknown listener, feel happy to be listening and to be a part of our community.  The simple gesture of hearing you call the expansive audience in general, “Honey”, was unto itself an invitation to all listeners to feel connected to you on a personal level even if they had never met you in person.  Thanks for making smiles happen and for filling up the hearts of liseners with a sense of joy.”

Leggs Up and Dancing with Lady Di – Fridays from 5-7pm