Raven Byron Hyde

Raven's headshotRaven Byron Hyde is a stand-up comedian with years of broadcast and greeting people experience. In March, 2013, he emceed VH-1’s Wicked Single St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Party Bus to promote the Boston-based reality-show’s premiere. Raven spent the months of January and July, hosting the Boston appearances of Starbucks traveling pop-up store. In Los Angeles, he was a founding company member of Sacred Fools Theatre and its improv comedy show. He has performed at the Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory and Comedy Store in Los Angeles.



Supersnazzy! with Raven Byron Hyde and Matty Dread

a comedy podcast dedicated to skating around parameters of good taste

Supersnazzy! is more than a talk show, it’s a safe place for comedy performers to briefly let go of their cynicism and misplaced anger. We entreat our celebrity guests to detail their sordid perhaps morbid tales of living in the moment, in the club, backstage, on the road, in weird sleeping arrangements, dealing with horrible bathrooms, with bad burritos, etc. If there is any “delving into” to be done, we will be delving! Look, this show isn’t the worst thing that the internet offers, we are on a mission. We want to be the place for up-and-coming comedic voices who are used to being mistreated by show business and will put up with our off-the-air b.s.

To better serve our Cape and Islands community, Supersnazzy! wants to promote live comedy and local theater happenings. Join us. Listen to the podcast. Give us your feedback at a soon-to-be-disclosed email address. If you like what you hear make a donation to the station and we will mention your generosity on the show!

Visit our facebook page, “like” us, maybe win something.Matty copy Send us an email at supersnazzy@womr.org.

Matty Dread is a veteran voice of community radio on Cape Cod. He is Operations Manager at WOMR, and best known to radio listeners as the host of The Soul Funky Train, heard Thursdays, 1 to 4 pm EST, on 92.1 FM, 91.3 FM, and streaming live at worm.org. Matty has been known to rock a party at the drop of a hat, and will do so for you if you happen to have a hat to drop. He got into this business in order to have the loudest stereo in the neighborhood, and being on the radio is like having a stereo with a nearly unlimited number of speakers.