Richard L. Brezner

Northern Soul & Beyond – Every 4th Friday from 7-9pm and occasional other times

Richard BreznerI began playing musical instruments at the age of 4. Knowing I’d never be invited to play at Carnegie Hall, my attentions turned to being a good listener. At the age of 13, I’d saved enough from my paper route & made my first big purchase: A Sony “Tapecorder”. After teaching myself how to perform “razor-blade edits”, much of my life became about preserving the music I loved, and sometimes altering it. Who knew I’d become a professional in the music industry for the next 40 years performing duties as a music consultant, editor, remixer & engineer for the likes of Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi and many others…all stemming from the love of music, especially soul music.

“Northern Soul” from the 60’s and 70’s was named as such in the Northern UK to differentiate between obscure dance-oriented soul played in clubs & popular commercial music that received radio airplay such as Aretha, Motown and popular soul artists of the day. Originally released in the 45 rpm format some of these obscure artist’s are: Othello Robertson, The Stunners, Milton Bennett, Kittens Three, Dottie Pearson, The Excuses, Samantha Jones (NOT the character from “Sex & The City”), Troy Keyes, The Quadrophonics, The Kavetts, Jessica James & The Outlaws, and the list goes on…and on…and on.

Get on your dancing shoes!