Chris Busa

c busaChristopher Busa is founding editor of the Provincetown Arts Press, a nonprofit publisher of the annual journal Provincetown Arts, monographs on distinguished older artists, and first books of poetry by new poets. He was born in New York City in 1946 and grew up exposed to the art world as the son of a painter who participated in the formative years of Abstract Expressionism. Spending part of every year in Provincetown since infancy he slowly absorbed its mythology as a place where artists and writers meet to live and work. After graduation from the University of Minnesota, he studied for a year in Paris at the Sorbonne, and then pursued a PhD for ten years while teaching English at Rutgers University. His interviews and profiles of artists and writers have appeared in Arts, Garden Design, Paris Review, Partisan Review, Mailer Review, and other journals. Chris is the host of ArtTalk on the third Monday of every month at 12:30.