Jay Cleary

   Jay Cleary is a new (October 2021) volunteer at WOMR hosting “Music from the Milk Cr8, album cuts you hardly hear anymore.” He and his twin brother Joe started buying albums in the 1960’s. Those albums were stored in a couple of red H.P. Hood milk crates for fifty years.  His UMass Amherst dorm room had posters of The Endless Summer and Midnight Cowboy. He still has the sound tracks for both movies but sadly, not the posters.  

     Jay is happy to have the opportunity to share with our listeners an eclectic collection of the music he grew up with playing songs that make you feel happy; music that takes you back and moves you forward.  So if you like 60’s rock, the British Invasion, instrumentals, folk singers and song writers, R & B, soft jazz and surprises, there will be something for you from the “Milk Cr8.”