John Perrone

DJ Midnight Johnny/John Perrone

WOMR DJ John Perrone passed away as a result of the coronavirus on Sunday April 5 at Cape Cod Hospital. He had been suffering from symptoms for more than two weeks and tested positive for the virus on March 27. John was the host of Night Flight on Tuesday nights from 9 to midnight and last hosted his show on March 17. The WOMR studios have been closed to volunteers and the general public since Thursday March 19. In addition to his work on these airwaves, John shared his extended mixes of Motown and other songs on his Youtube channel that has more than 78 thousand subscribers and over 66 million views. You can find them under the user name Mosogotam. He also used his connections in the music industry to get interviews with many of the people who made the music. Some of those interviews are available in an archive on the WOMR website. Originally from Worcester, John became a nurse while in the Navy. He moved to Provincetown and got involved at WOMR about 20 years ago. Many people knew John from his work as a nurse at Seashore Point and, after his retirement from nursing, from his work behind the counter at Farland Provisions. We share our grief with John’s cousin Paula and the entire community radio family.