Kent Isham

Kent at WOMRWhen I began my career in radio in 1970 playing top 40 music, I had no clue that 45 years later I would still be on the air playing the exact same music.  Now, of course, rather than be paid to do it 6 days a week I’m a volunteer like all the other announcers here at WOMR and WFMR.  I still look forward to doing my shows just as must now as I did then.  Of course there were periods I did other formats like all-news, progressive rock and progressive MOR, but top 40 has been my bread and butter.  In the early 70s I also had the pleasure of producing some short public affairs pieces for the CBS Radio Network.  I also worked for an ad agency for a short time, was a free lance reporter for the Springfield (MA.) Union and Sunday Republican and taught broadcasting courses at Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA.  Broadcasting traditionally pays such little money you often need a second job.    There can be fun and strange times.  The circus came to town in one market I worked in.  They had a dj from each of the main 3 radio stations take part in an elephant race. The winner would come back that night, get dressed as a clown and be in some of their skits.  I won the race.  The dressed me in green from head to toe.  Halfway through the performance they said I could leave but no one could remove my makeup.  Getting home like that was the scariest part of the entire day.