Ramblin’ Bob

QUAHOG RADIO features a mosaic of Americana, Classic and Alt Country music, bluegrass, blues, western swing, and well just about anything close to that! On top of that, LOCAL MUSICIANS in these genres are added to the mix. You’re liable to hear Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys followed by local favorite Sparrow Blue, or our resident wash ashore Monica Rizzio followed by Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen.

Ramblin’ Bob has a collection of old and new “Eclectic Country” music and feels right at home on WOMR.  Bob heard his Dad’s Hank LPs {Williams, Locklin, and Snow} back in the late 60’s while his older brothers and sister fought for control of the family console turntable with their records. Growing up in Fitchburg, he listened to Gene LaVerne’s Country Carousel radio on WFGL and was introduced to the Classics. Spending a few years in New Mexico in the 80’s gave Bob a solid dose of Western Swing music and he got to meet some legends along the way.  He likes good blues and Rock and Roll too.

The program is produced/recorded at the Cape Cod Community Media Center in Dennis Port as Bob lives down near the exit 5 area of Cape Cod.

Quahog Radio airs the 4th Sunday of each month at 9pm.