Sal Siciliano

salI have always loved music since I was a kid growing up in the early 1950’s. Both my parents were lovers of jazz and big band, so in our house, music was always playing. Back then, in Boston, the only way you could listen to R&B or jazz was on radio station WCOP and a very famous D.J. named Symphony Sid. His show exploded with jazz, be bop, and rhythm & blues. The same was true for Rock N’ Roll. Only a few stations would play this “New Music”. I listened to all of it. After my discharge from the Marine Corps in the early 1960’s I began my musical career as a drummer. Playing with big sounding “Soul” bands. I loved it. I was young, I was a respected musician and it was the 60’s. What could be better. In 1967 radio station WILD burst onto the scene and played only black artists. That was really the first time I ever gave thought to doin’ what these guy’s do. That’s a job?? Playing music all day is a job?? We all have that fork in the road of life that asks, should I go “this” way or “this” way? I went “that” way. After 45 years of working, I don’t have to anymore. I now have time on my hands to do what I want. So as I was listening to WOMR one day and to Matty on the Soul funky Train, I started thinking again about how much fun he must be having. Then after hearing Lady Di’s show, I thought the same thing. And you know what, I was right. I called the station, spoke to Matty and after doing a bunch of shows, I’m having a ball. I play what I love, music as far back as the 1930’s right through to today. What I enjoy most about this gig, is knowing that some of you listening are loving it too.

Black N Blues – one Friday per month from 7-9pm