• Broadcast Equipment Capital Campaign

    Posted: October 15th 2018 @10:19 AM

    Your little station that could is in the home stretch of our effort to raise the money to replace the equipment that makes it all possible. We’ve done as much as we can with duct tape and soldering irons, and …

  • Posted: July 31st 2018 @1:28 PM

    Coming soon to Payomet: All shows at the tent in North Truro on Old Dewline Road. Click on the links or call 508-349-2929 for tickets and information.     If you’ve got a car that’s more trouble than it’s worth, …

  • At Harbor Stage Through August 4

    Posted: June 25th 2018 @1:26 PM

    WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? by Edward Albee featuring Molly Kimmerling, Robert Kropf, Alex Pollock, and Brenda Withers Sharp and salty and shrewd and savage and somehow still married: that’s George and Martha.  When they invite a young couple over …

  • Posted: June 12th 2018 @7:25 PM

    Peregrine Theatre Ensemble presents…. at Fishermen Hall

  • The Lyric Series at FAWC

    Posted: May 18th 2018 @6:43 PM
  • Become One Of Us

    Posted: April 28th 2018 @2:26 PM


  • In It To Win It

    Posted: April 21st 2018 @2:25 PM
  • Pledge Premiums

    Posted: April 18th 2018 @11:21 AM

    Your choice of Dave Teffer concrete planters as our gift to you for your gift to us of $180 or more                 Thank You Gifts for a $60 donation or more:     …

  • Pledge Premiums

    Posted: April 6th 2018 @8:12 AM

    Thank You Gifts for a $60 donation or more:                   Thank you gift for a Sustaining Donation of $180:

  • Concert Series

    Posted: March 23rd 2018 @2:01 PM

    Click on the link and fill out the form or call 866-WOMR-123