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  • Fred Boak

    FredKnown as a valet, vocalist, and web savant, DJ Fred is so much more.

    While 2015 marks Fred’s debut as a radio host/DJ, he’s been a music fanatic and collector (some might say hoarder) for as far back as he can remember, and he appreciates a wide variety of music genres. Probably his favorite style is “good music” and that’s what he aims to play for you every time he gets behind the control board here at WOMR/WFMR with his show “Omnipop Omnibus.” Currently the “Omnipop Omnibus” doesn’t have a permanent time but Fred fills in as a substitute when he can. If he happens to be playing music on Sundays, there’s a very good chance of a “Gospel Brunch” hour-long segment being included in his show.

    And his pal DJ Belinda says to mention that he’s adorable.


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