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    WOMR and WFMR are proud to be sponsors of a fine day out organized by the Orleans Chamber of Commerce. It’s our favorite kind of party with food, music, adult beverages, and somebody else does all the dirty work. Thanks to Noelle and everybody from the Orleans Chamber for doing the heavy lifting on this one. Matty Dread will be the emcee and DJ for the day, with live music by The Catbirds and Funktapuss. The Odd Fellows have been great hosts in the past, so we’re really looking forward to another smashing event. Come on out and play on the lawn with us in Orleans.

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    Whether you’re looking to get your taste of the Cape from afar or you just want to catch up with your favorite shows, you can get what you need when you need it from our podcast section. From politics to arts and culture, from alternative health and spirituality to economic development, we’ve got plenty of locally produced original programming hosted by your friends and neighbors. You can also savor some of the many performances that have taken place live in our studio. Spend some time with us at your leisure and come back often to see what’s new.

    leo and flowers ptown 2011 DSCN0658

    Chef Rossi of Bite This


    Susan Lindquist of This Place Matters

    pandora peoples by cheryl kain cape cod today (480x640)

    Pandora Peoples of Healing Wisdom

    c busa

    Chris Busa of Art Talk

    Paula Sperry 2011 portrait

    Paula Sperry of Talking Back

    Jeannette de Beauvoir

    Jeannette de Beauvoir of Arts Week


    Lady Di of Chattin' Up with Lady Di

    Lady Di of Chattin’ Up with Lady Di


    Ira Wood of The Lowdown


    Joyce Johnson of Sands of Time

  • Tony Scungilli

    tony_squidSquid Jigger’s Blend with Tony Scungilli

    Come tune in turn on and freak out to the full tilt outermost mooncusser primitive chunka chunka of THE SQUID JIGGER’S BLEND.
    An in progress and in motion sonic collage of way gone pre-psychedelic garage thrown in with some murky superfuzz post-grunge shamanistic screaming life rantings, the sweetly fecund sounds of low tide surf guitar noir, some down low distorted reverbed revivalist tube amped snake oil, the romantic cynical conceptual continuity of obscure Frank Zappa guitar tunings, goofy-ass white boy emoh hip drop humpty bumps and the existential flotsam and jetsam that spurts forth from Sonic Trout.

    Every other Wednesday from 6-9 AM. Heigh ho.



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