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    Take the sweet sounds of summer to the beach with you. It’ll sound even better with some of our superb thank you gifts. Peruse at will and donate accordingly.

    Limited edition beachbag with $156 Sustaining Membership

    Limited edition beach bag with $156 Sustaining Membership


    Vicky Tomayko designed T-shirt with $75 Membership


    Adjustable cap with $75 Membership

    Whale Tail coffee mug with $50 Membership

    Whale Tail coffee mug with $50 Membership


    Coffee break: two whale tail mugs with one pound of Beanstock coffee with $75 Membership


    Zip-up hoodie with $156 Sustaining Membership


    26 oz. Water bottle with $50 Membership

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  • Carol Courneen

    carol 2On her “Roots n’ Offshoots” show, Carol Courneen plays a variety of roots music including folk, blues, rock, country, and any offshoots that happen to sprout up along the way.

    These roots spread far and wide to include such artists as Dylan, Van Morrison, Emmylou Harris, Levon Helm, Joan Baez, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, The Band, Mississippi Sheiks, and Gillian Welch. New and lesser known artists and groups are always taking root, and are frequently featured on the show.  Tune in and find your favorite roots, every Tuesday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

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