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  • Stay Warm with WOMR


    Check out the latest from the community radio fashion line. It’s a classic zip-up hoodie sweatshirt and it can be yours with your pledge at the Sustaining level of $156 or $13 per month.

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  • Fall and Winter Benefit Film Series

    Film 11-20-14

  • Billboard Bob

    Billboard BobA Plymouth resident, and long time Red Sox fan, Billboard Bob was bitten by the pop music bug when he first heard “Sea Crusie” by Frankie Ford (it reached #14 in April 1959). Over the years, he began to associate certain songs with certain life experiences, and then — he discovered the charts.

    “Being a baseball fan lends the opportunity to analyze statistics, so why not translate this practice to music!” thought Billboard Bob.

    Thus, began a relentless study of the billboard charts, which eventually led him to WOMR.

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