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  • WOMR Record Swap Hop

    Luna juke cropThanks to the generous donations of several listeners, WOMR has gotten into the vintage vinyl trade. Some of the items are quite rare and valuable while other pieces may be more on the invaluable side of things.

    If you have old vinyl that’s taking up space in your life that you’d like to donate to the station, call Matty in the office for details on how to help. If you’ve caught the collector’s bug yourself, feel free to shop in our online record store. Maybe you’ll find the title you’ve always been looking for.

    Thanks to Joy for donating the 45′s that used to live in this beautiful jukebox which is now being cared for by Tony Scungilli at Tera Luna in North Truro.

  • Ira Wood

    Ira_Wood_300_cropped_head_shotPoliticians, writers, scientists, and trend-makers, from on-Cape Cod and off, join Ira Wood every Tuesday at 12:30 PM for 30-minute interviews as eclectic as his resume. Not a journalist but a highly praised author, a former publisher and elected official who spent twelve years at the helm of a Cape Cod town, Ira brings his sense of humor, political savvy, and deep curiosity to topics as diverse as green burials, drug addiction, Joseph P. Kennedy, Moby Dick, and Barbara Streisand.

    Capping the WOMR News on most Fridays Ira unleashes what the New York Times calls his, “special gift for heart warming comedy,” in 5-minute essays a la Andy Rooney called Matters of Opinion. Connecting with the inner-curmudgeon in us all he goes off on his least-favorite night of the year (New Year’s Eve), the Cape Cod Evacuation Route (there is none), a suggested tax on inconsiderate people, and an assortment of ‘modest proposals’ that take aim at the state of humanity in the 21 st century.

    The Lowdown with Ira Wood, Tuesdays at 12:30 PM
    Matters of Opinion, most Fridays, capping the WOMR News

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