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  • Coming Back To Life

    Due to circumstances wildly beyond our control, the station had a little wobble the last couple of days.

    Most systems are back up and running as they should. The Generator, internet and phone systems are working again. The signal at 91.3 FM is strong, as is the signal at 92.1 FM. We hope that everyone was as fortunately free of destruction and damage as we were.

    Thank you for your patience. Also, winter’s not over yet. Check out Weather Will’s forecast:


    Even when we’re having trouble at the Schoolhouse, you can check out archives of all our programs at Radio Free America. Archives are available for any program that has aired in the last two weeks. Let us know what you think of the service and get in touch if you have any questions about it.

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  • It’s Movie Night

    Film 1-29-15

  • Tony Scungilli

    tony_squidSquid Jigger’s Blend with Tony Scungilli

    Come tune in turn on and freak out to the full tilt outermost mooncusser primitive chunka chunka of THE SQUID JIGGER’S BLEND.

    An in progress and in motion sonic collage of way gone pre-psychedelic garage thrown in with some murky superfuzz post-grunge shamanistic screaming life rantings, the sweetly fecund sounds of low tide surf guitar noir, some down low distorted reverbed revivalist tube amped snake oil, the romantic cynical conceptual continuity of obscure Frank Zappa guitar tunings, goofy-ass white boy emoh hip drop humpty bumps and the existential flotsam and jetsam that spurts forth from Sonic Trout.

    Every Wednesday from 6-9 AM. Heigh ho.



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