Net Metering Credits


If you use solar panels to power your home or business, you can donate the excess power to WOMR.  Here’s how to donate your “excess net metering credits” to Community Radio of Cape Cod:

As the “Host Customer” (that’s you), just follow these instructions to donate your credits.

    1. Donor must submit a “Schedule Z” or net metering application to Eversource.  A copy of the form can be found on the Eversource website:—pdfs/net-metering.pdf


  • Your donation:  Indicate what percentage (1-100%) of your future net metering credits will go to Lower Cape Communications, Inc. (WOMR).  As excess energy is produced by your solar energy system, we’ll see an adjustment on our bill showing the credits that have been applied.  (Please note that existing credits cannot be transferred to WOMR, only future credits may be donated, as noted on schedule Z)

  1. Please contact Chris Boles at WOMR at 508 487 2619 or and let us know you plan to submit a Schedule Z form to Eversource.  Chris will provide you with WOMR’s Eversource account number and service address, information needed for the Schedule Z.  (Notifying Chris also allows WOMR to track the donation and ensure its receipt.)

  2. Share your donation with us.  If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, you will need to share with us the credit amounts that appear on your monthly bills.  Sharing this information also allows us to confirm that your records match what we see on our statements.

Thank you!  We appreciate you donating your net metering credits to Community Radio of Cape Cod!