Planned Giving


Financial planning is something that everyone needs to do. You can make Outermost Community Radio part of your financial plans and leave a legacy for future generations. By working with their financial advisor, individuals may be able to make larger contributions to their favorite charities than they would have thought possible otherwise. There are many potential benefits depending on the specific arrangements. Benefactors may receive tax benefits or generate additional income for themselves and their heirs. Advance planning will help ensure that real people will be able to make real radio for Cape Cod and beyond for many years to come.

Among the types of financial instruments that could be used to benefit WOMR and WFMR are:

Charitable Gift Annuity – The donor transfers assets to WOMR/WFMR and receives in return a fixed annuity for the life of the donor.

Bequest – This is a provision of the will of an individual. Bequests can be made in the form of a specific amount, or as a percentage of the estate. Bequests may be made straight out, or as contingent upon the absence of other beneficiaries. Bequests may also be made as a percentage of the estate after other distributions have been made.

Charitable Remainder Trust – Any funds remaining in a trust after the death of all other beneficiaries can be designated for WOMR and WFMR.

Life Insurance – Donors can name Lower Cape Communications as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

When considering any of these types of gifts, individuals should consult with their attorney or tax advisor. Certified financial planners can provide specific information about the tax ramifications of different financial instruments.

The following information should be used when naming WOMR as the beneficiary of any financial planning:

Lower Cape Communications, Inc.
PO Box 975
494 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
Federal Tax Identification #: 04-2664623

You can contact Executive Director John Braden by phone (508-487-2619) or email ( to answer any questions and get the process started. Please let the station know if you have already included us in your financial plans so we can recognize the contribution and help ensure its effective receipt. We are grateful to be named in your plans and we’d love to know about your wishes for the future of the station. Thank you.