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  • Belly Up……

    Impress your friends and neighbors at your next party with a full service raw bar. Brad Kaplan and Iona Sea Farms have generously donated their product and their services to benefit WOMR and you can reap the rewards. Click here to place your bid. Auction closes at 4pm on Friday May 31.

  • Fresh Togs

    Get this shirt on your back

    Your donation of $60 or more entitles you to one of our stylish new T-shirts as a thank you gift (tattoos not included)


    Donate your old records to support community radio. We’d love to see what you’ve got, and we’ll share them with our DJs and turn them into cash by listing them for sale. It’s a win for everybody. You get closet space back, folks get to enjoy that music you’ve been hiding and the station gets money to pay our bills.


    No old records? No problem! Perhaps you’ve got an old vehicle taking up space in your driveway or even in your yard. We’ll take it off your hands. Boat? Motorcycle? Yup, we’ll take those too, no matter the condition – it doesn’t even need to run. Just call our partners at 866-966-7123 and they’ll take care of the rest. Check out the details or handle everything online at their website.



  • John Perrone

    perrone[1]DJ Midnight Johnny/John Perrone has always had a passion for MOTOWN, R&B, and SOUL music from the ’60,’70’s & ’80’s. He not only airs the popular, but album tracks, rarities and new releases of archived material never before heard on radio. From time to time, John devotes complete shows to singular artists (Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Jimmy Webb) or particular groups who are masters of their music. John also has a recurring show called “Listener’s Choice” where listeners can send to him a show’s worth of music (in keeping with “Nightflight” music). John would love to hear from local and worldwide listeners for their music requests, show ideas, and comments about the show and most of all…the MUSIC that we love so much. Remember that MOTOWN is the HEART and SOUL of NIGHTFLIGHT.

    ’60’s,’70’s,’80’s; Big Band, rock, girl groups, etc. 

    Every Tuesday evening from 9 PM-12 Midnight ET/USA.

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