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    Vintage Vinyl For Sale

    Your record buying habit can help support community radio. We’ve got thousands of formerly loved titles for sale, ready to be a part of your collection. On the other hand, if you’ve got old records that are draggin’ you down, you can donate them to our inventory. Click on the link to visit our shop at Discogs, or call the office to donate your discs.

  • Billboard Bob

    BillboardBobBillboard Bob is the longtime host of “Charted Course”, a program that takes you on a musical journey through time, predominantly from 1960 thru 1989, but occasionally dips back into the 50’s, and sometimes up to the present time. The barometer in which the songs are selected come from Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts and the Billboard 200 Album Charts. 

    Prepare to float, turn & spin thru the mists of time, and experience life’s musical soundtrack with Billboard Bob, your chartaholic music guide.

    Thursdays at 9pm


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