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  • Music On Stage

    Always Patsy Cline at Cape Cod Theatre Company
     Saturday, Sunday, Monday through September 3

    This musical tribute written by Ted Swindley has 27 hit songs and tells of the special friendship between Patsy and her greatest fan. Directed by Robert Wilder and starring Laura Cappello and Suzette Hutchinson



  • Payomet Rocks

    Citizen Cope at Payomet Thursday August 24 at 8pm

    Payomet welcomes Citizen Cope for a solo performance! Brooklyn-based Cope, born Clarence Greenwood, grew up living in places like Greenville, MS; Memphis, TN; Austin, TX; and Washington, D.C. His musical style is as complex and nuanced as any of the cities and towns where he’s lived, with rhythms and beats pulled from the blues, soul, R&B, and hip-hop song book and riffs and hooks inspired by the best in rock n roll and folk.

  • Chuck Cole

    chuck-coleThursday First Light

    We start out quietly – Chants Or instrumentals…

    Spiritual Awakening Radio: 5:30 – 6am the spiritual quest in the spirit of world music – produced by James Bean of Maine

    New Dimensions: interviews with people who should be heard…on community radio 6-7am Lori…Dougie…Dar…Marc…Lucy… Loreena…Richard…Greg…Patty…Ben…Antje…Michael…Karine…Mishka… 7-8am uninterrupted folk, singer-songwriters whose lyrics matter. Coffeehouse style acoustic music + more…often with previews of performers soon to be heard in our area. 8-8:30 My Howard & Roslyn Zinn – Peace and Justice set. 8:30 – 8:45 Read-Aloud … often in The Key of the Sea. My place of play + inspiration!

    Thursday First Light – gentle music to start your day….

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