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  • Metered Or Free?

    However you measure your verse, the deadline for submissions has passed.
    Stay tuned for details on winners and an event to celebrate them



  • Movie Night


    Whether you have a love for the grooves or your grooves need a little more lovin’, we’ve got just the thing for you. WOMR has a virtual used record store with actual old records for sale. If you’re looking to off-load some old records, we’ll accept your donation to add to our inventory. Either way, everybody wins.




    We have thousands of titles in all genres, from classical and jazz to rock, punk and experimental electronic music.

  • Chuck Cole

    chuck-coleThursday First Light

    We start out quietly – Chants Or instrumentals…

    Spiritual Awakening Radio: 5:30 – 6am the spiritual quest in the spirit of world music – produced by James Bean of Maine

    New Dimensions: interviews with people who should be heard…on community radio 6-7am Lori…Dougie…Dar…Marc…Lucy… Loreena…Richard…Greg…Patty…Ben…Antje…Michael…Karine…Mishka… 7-8am uninterrupted folk, singer-songwriters whose lyrics matter. Coffeehouse style acoustic music + more…often with previews of performers soon to be heard in our area. 8-8:30 My Howard & Roslyn Zinn – Peace and Justice set. 8:30 – 8:45 Read-Aloud … often in The Key of the Sea. My place of play + inspiration!

    Thursday First Light – gentle music to start your day….

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