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  • We’ve Gone Mobile!

    WOMR now has our very own mobile app!

    Everything you want out of community radio can be at your fingertips – listen live, listen to the archives, check the playlists, see the schedule, even send a message!

    Listen in your car or anywhere you’ve got cell service!

    Google? Android? Tablet? No problem! We’ve got you covered!




  • Outermost Radio on demand:


  • Mike Fee

    Every Thursday morning Mike takes listeners on a three hour tour down the highways and back alleyways of blues, rock, soul and funk. The show’s called Road Trippin’ and draws themes from what is happening on our spit of sand and in the world. You’ll hear classics, new music, local artists, an occasional rant and, of course, your daily dose of Dead. You can reach Mike to request or complain at or on the Facebook machine @Road Trippin’ on WOMR.

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