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  • Outermost Poetry Contest

    It’s time once again for the Outermost Poetry contest. It’s your chance to make some actual money from your creative writing. We are honored to have Marge Piercy as our judge of the finalists. There’s a $1000 top prize with a $300 prize reserved for the best work from a poet based on Cape Cod. See all the details here and get writing.

  • Justine Alten

    Justine AltenRED RIGHT RETURN
    variety mix
    Mondays from 6-9am

    Justine uncovers new sounds while embracing old ones. You’ll lose yourself in a smattering of indie rock, electronic, alternative folk, psychedelic pop, chillwave, and a dash of shoegaze, be ready to jump, fist pump, and slow down with musing melodies.

    Twitter/Instagram/Spotify: @stinasparrow


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