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    Ukraine 2 4 2 is produced by WOMR’s Anne Levine in collaboration with Pacifica Network, and Kraina FM in Ukraine, bringing you first hand information from Ukraine with on-the-ground reports of people’s lives during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


    29-year-old Dinara Habibullieva is chairwoman of NGO Solidarna Molod, first president of youth activist movement European Democracy Youth Network in Ukraine. She is also a member of the Kyiv city council. Dinara describes how her youth group responded  immediately to help defend against the Russian invasion and their project called Youth In War, working throughout Ukraine and other European countries to raise funds, buy supplies, and deliver them to soldiers on the front. She movingly describes the young people trying to make a difference, as well as the tragedies she would rather not experience. Dinara also speaks about internal political issues in Ukraine and her complaints about the Zalenski administration. She is a supporter of former president Petro Poroshenko.


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  • Fred Boak

    FredKnown as a valet, vocalist, and web savant, DJ Fred is so much more.

    2015 marked Fred’s debut as a radio host/DJ, but he’s been a music fanatic and collector for as far back as he can remember, and he appreciates a wide variety of music genres. His favorite style is “good music” and that’s what he plays every time he gets behind the board here at WOMR/WFMR with his show Omnipop Omnibus.

    The Omnipop Omnibus airs on alternate Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm. Fred also hosts the Out There jazz program 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 9 to midnight. If he happens to be playing music on Sundays, there’s a very good chance of a “Gospel Brunch” hour-long segment being included in his show. Fred is a member of the WOMR Board of Directors.

    And his pal DJ Belinda says to mention that he’s adorable.


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