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  • Janice Murphy

    Janice MurphyMy show features music from the great American songbook and music that is similar to that genre, done by artists and composers, both old and new, who perform this sort of music in their repertoire. I am passionate about this genre, and have an excellent knowledge about music and artists who perform this music. I feature artists similar to the following:

    Linda Eder
    Ann Hampton Callaway
    Liz Callaway
    Michael Ball
    Trijntje Oosterhuis
    Kuh Ledesma
    Leah Salonga
    Robin McKelle
    Karen OberlinThis Time Around
    Marcus Simeone
    Marilyn Maye

    And I also feature composers like Stephen Sondheim, Frank Wildhorn, Johnny Mercer, Rogers & Hammerstein, etc. along with Broadway composers throughout my song selection.

    This Time Around 

    2nd and 4th Saturdays from 9pm to midnight

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