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    At the Payomet in North Truro








    June 27-July 20 at Cape Cod Theatre Compan

    July 6-August 31 at Fisherman Hall in Provincetown







    Musical comedy at WHAT July 5 – July 27

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    Check out our community events calendar. It’s got live music (of course), but also theater, libraries, museums and farmer’s markets among other things. If you know something  we don’t, you can add your event to the calendar.

  • Ira Wood

    Ira_Wood_300_cropped_head_shotIra Wood is the host of a weekly interview program called The Lowdown. For over five years the show has covered national and local trends.

    Interviewing authors, politicians, and scientists, as well as cops, junkies, farmers, and comedians, has enabled him to indulge a lifelong compulsion to pester people with questions. His guests have included the famous and infamous, but rarely the vapid. In his experience, there are no boring guests or subjects, only unprepared and self-indulgent interviewers. His 5-minute essays, which he calls ‘Rooneys’ in homage to the American radio and television writer Andy Rooney, air most Fridays at the end of the station’s weekly news magazine.

    Ira currently serves as the President of the WOMR Board of Directors. Plaudits and complaints about the station will be cheerfully received:

    The Lowdown with Ira Wood, Tuesdays at 12:30 PM
    Matters of Opinion, most Fridays, capping the WOMR News

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