Healing Wisdom

Clearing and Clarifying Your Environment

House Clearing Gear

Everyone benefits from a peaceful, energetically clear habitat. A calm, serene environment is one we recharge in. A fun, creative atmosphere is nice to keep your life dynamic, but a home crystal clear home with good vibrations is one that will allow you to get the most rest and be the most harmonious, energetic and productive. We need to manage our home environment, for positive manifestation.

Here’s the gear from last night’s clearing and reading I did. Among the tools were ceremonial sage and a dozen herbal projects to last the duration of the week. The effects were immediately felt by the inhabitants. House clearings often involve clearing out layers of energetic patterns, spirits, or ‘memories’ that are embedded within the physical space. Whatever way you do it, you have the right to remove the drama.

Pandora Peoples is the host of Healing Wisdom on Thursday mornings at 9am on WOMR. Ms. Peoples is a certified Chartered Herbalist, Cape Cod psychic medium, workshop teacher, speaker, and writer. You can contact her at info@pandorapeoples.com