Spring Pledge Drive Success

The staff and volunteers at WOMR are elated by the continuing overwhelming support of our listeners.

Pledge Drives for radio stations are often likened to visits to the dentist, you need ’em, you hate ’em, and they’re never pleasant-to listen to or to broadcast. But WOMR’s Spring Drive was different. Not only did your support enable us to reach our goals earlier than ever before, but at least according to the comments I’ve received from listeners, it was kind of fun, lively, and, well, painless.

To me this proves three things. The first is that you, our listeners, understand that we simply can’t exist without you. The second is that you value what we do. The third is that soliciting support doesn’t have to be a drag…for the listeners as well as the DJ’s…if both groups are energized by working for the common good of a special community.

So I’d like to thank you all for your support, the hard-won money you’ve contributed, the hours you spend listening, and the comments you send us, positive and negative, that keep us changing. WOMR has been your community radio station for 32 years…and with your help we’ll get even better at it.


Ira Wood
Host of The Lowdown / President of the WOMR Board of Directors