‘Tis The Season

Yule For Fuel


Wellfleet Harbor Actor’s Theater once again presents the holiday benefit for Lower Cape Outreach Council. The holiday party is hosted by Stephen Russell and takes place on your screen from December 18-31 featuring archival performances from the last 12 years.

The production features performances by David Roth, CRY (Chris Miner, Lynda Shuster, and Rick Sweeney), Rosemary Clancy and James Rice, Patty Larkin, Christine Rathbun Ernst, Sophie Crafts, Lucy Swain, The Fix-It Sisters (Susan Blood and Candace Hammond featuring Lucy Blood and Freya Rich), Bridget and Alli Doyle, The Chandler Travis Three-O, Catie Flynn, The Flakes, Tom Leidenfrost, and Broadway Central (Frank Poranski and Larry Chaplan).


Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcade


The Cavalcade is also happening again. The benefit for the Housing Assistance Corp. takes place virtually and in two parts hosted by Ding & Danny. The show features vintage clips from past Cavalcades and promises a few new surprises too.
Get links and find out more at Chandler Travis’ website.

Part one of the Cavalcade features:

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Kate & Tad from Sidewalk Driver, Cla Da Bossa Nova, Zoe Lewis, Jordan Renzi with Tad Price, Suede, Toast & Jam, Fred Fried, Broadway Central, Gip Hoppe, Kami Lyle, Tripping Lily, The Spampinato Brothers Band, Christine Rathbun Ernst, Steve Shook & the Elftone Mostly Girl Revue, The Snowflakes, Fred Boak with the Athol Thingerth and more?!?

Part two of the Cavalcade features:

Siobhan Magnus, The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Trevor the Juggler, The Ticks with the Cavalcade Players, John Shuman, Pierre Beauregarde, The Greenheads, The Rip-It-Ups, Scream Along With Billy, The Catbirds and more?!?