Volodymyr Anfimov of Kraina FM


Anne Levine hosts Ukraine 2 4 2, interviews with key people in Ukraine, arranged by Kraina FM. The interviews give a direct and personal account of the unfolding of the war in Ukraine, how professionals and others rally to serve their community, and the destructive toll taken on ordinary people subjected to war atrocities.

This series is a collaboration between Anne Levine, WOMR, Pacifica Network, and Kraina FM.

In this episode, Volodymyr Anfimov is radio and podcast host of the popular Ukranian show, Another Interview, where he interviews outstanding Ukranian people. With the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anfimov focuses his interviews on issues brought on by the war; his interviews include conversations with military people and psychologists who can help citizens cope with war, as well as pop stars and musicians, many who serve in the army even as they continue recording. In this interview, Anfimov describes some aspects of culture, arts, and everyday psychology in Ukraine as the war continues, as well as opinions developing among Ukrainians about their Russian neighbors.