Alan Chebot of Parallax of Productions

OuterMostFor everyone who enjoys the idea that our progressive, kinda-kooky, ultra-liberal, community radio station WOMR is one of the media’s coolest but best kept secrets, well…get ready to share the love. Because on April 17, 2015 the little station and it’s cast of oversized characters are going to be outed big time with the world premiere of OuterMost Radio, The Film. And unlike WOMR, its humble subject, this a totally professional, high-cost, feature-film length documentary crafted by an award-winning production company from Boston.

For 25 years Parallax Productions has been working in the fields of documentary, news, and corporate film production. They’ve worked with PBS, CBS, and Hearst Television. They’ve produced a documentary about the rebirth of the post-Katrina music scene, they’ve documented sustainable solutions to keeping mothers alive in Africa, they’re shooting a mini-documentary web-series celebrating the American workforce, and for some reason they find us fascinating.

Here to tell us why, exactly, and to talk about OuterMost Radio, The Film, is it’s writer and director, Alan Chebot, who founded of Parallax Productions, and has won multiple Emmy awards.

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