Helltown City Limits with Amy Fairchild

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amy fairchild

Amy Fairchild’s impressive career in music began in 1994 with her first album, She’s Not Herself, andshe has continued to attract attention to her unique blend of folk, rock, and pop since its release.With a voice drawing comparisons to Sheryl Crow, the combination of Amy’s vocal and songwriting expertise makes for an intimate and introspective listening experience. Amy Fairchild isn’t afraid to put it all out there with confessional and personal lyrics; however, her latest release has proven to be less literal and leaves more for the listener’s interpretation.

There’s something to be said for the pop sensibilities that are present on the album when packaged with Fairchild’s own brand of folk. In fact, The Boston Globe described it as “a hooky swirl of country, folk and pop goodness.”