Ayurvedic Motherhood with Dr. Seeta Narsai

Dr. Seeta Narsai is an Ayurvedic doctor to the stars, with a practice in Beverly Hills, California. She discusses prenatal and neonatal maternal health with me, as well as keeping babies healthy from an integrative mind-body perspective.

Seeta Rose Narsai has a B.S. degree in Kinesiology, B.A. in Sports management and Communication, and a Doctorate in Ayurvedic Medicine at the American University of Complementary Medicine. She interned at the OBGYN department at SDM Ayurveda College in Udupi India and has also received a doula certification. In her practice, Seeta has worked with Olympic and professional athletes and A-list Hollywood professionals in healing and finding balance. She is the Director of Ayurveda at Ona Spa, a prominent wellness and beauty spa in Los Angeles.