Cape Wellness Collaborative

How many intimates of yours, friends or family members, have cancer? How many of them have died of cancer? If you’re like me, and countless others, those questions are as easy to answer as they are painful. It is estimated that in 2015, there will be over a million and half new cancer cases diagnosed as well as six hundred thousand cancer deaths in the United States. And although there are over one hundred different known cancers that affect humans, every single cancer patient shares the same thing: they are terrified, and that fear inhibits their treatment.

But a new agency called the Cape Wellness Collaborative has been created to change all that, by making it easy for cancer patients to make connections that reduce the pain, stress, and anxiety of cancer treatment and complement the care they get from their physicians.

Joining me in the studio today is well-known local rock star Sarah Swain, who founded the Cape Wellness Collaborative in reaction to a tragedy in her own family, and Attorney Bruce Bierhans, a rock star in his own right; an award-winning lawyer who has offered his pro-bono legal expertise to many non-profits all across the Cape.

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