Cold Kyiv Christmas – Ukrainian Analysis Of Zelenskyy’s US Visit

WOMR podcasts · Kyiv Christmas

An exploration of how President Zelenskyy’s US visit landed with those back home, in Ukraine, including a description of Bakhmut in the Donbas Region of Ukraine, where Zelenskyy visited soldiers on the military front, prior to his trip to speaking to Congress.

To get a sense of this, a conversation with Dr. Ivan Gomza, who is Academic Director of the Public Policy and Governance Program at Kyiv School of Economics. He spoke to us from Kyiv during a window of time when he had electricity.

Gomza describes how he and others are surviving the winter with limited electricity, water and heat. He also elaborated from the Ukrainian perspective what Zelenskyy’s visit has meant, as well as the broader relationship between Russia and Ukraine as imperial and client states.

Professor Gomza researches democratization, authoritarian regimes, popular movements, good governance and has written extensively about this war. He teaches at Kyiv School of Economics and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and frequently gives public lectures. He is the author of two books and has published numerous articles on the war, Ukrainian nationalism, authoritarian politics, and social movements.