Dr. Rhys Preston On Eating For Good Health

Could butter and meat be good for you? Can you really get ‘fecal breath’ by failing to drink enough water? Eating is not as easy as it seems. Food has consequences, as do the hundreds of health and weight loss diets that are hawked in magazines and TV shows. From Paleo to Atkins to South Beach to the Zone, we’ve all tried any number of popular diets based on technologies that purport to alter our metabolism by rigidly prescribing certain types of food.

While some of the diets do help us lose weight in the first few weeks, they often fail because they’re impractical to follow in the long term; they need a lot of time to prepare; they eliminate our favorite foods; they take the spontaneity and pleasure out of eating; and sometimes they are downright dangerous. The irony is that the more information there is about the very basic act of eating, the more complicated and frustrating eating becomes.

Dr. Rhys Preston has been a practicing chiropractor for over twenty years with a special emphasis on nutrition and some of the ‘simple’ facts he lays on us today have altered everything I thought I knew about eating.

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