Economic Development and Provincetown 365 with extended conversation

For much of its human-occupied history, Provincetown has been synonymous with fishing, freedom, the arts, and diversity. Its culture speaks to the free-thinker inside millions of visitors from around the world, while its architecture is built to human scale; a place where buildings and boats, shacks and studios, tell tales of its history. Arguably the most unique, notorious, and well-known of all towns on Cape Cod, Provincetown is going through some tough times, as evidenced by the disparity between its crowded summer streets and its near-empty ones during the winter. And in spite of a long history of social acceptance, civic generosity, and community connection, Provincetown a very frustrating place to find affordable housing and year-round employment.

My guests today are determined to turn all that around. Members of a working group called Provincetown 365, they’re studying many different aspects of Provincetown to see how it might re-invent itself for a successful future. Some of their recommendations may surprise you…as well as the fact that the process, that is, the involvement and consent of the town’s citizens, is as important as the finished product.

Joining me in the studio are business owners Rob Anderson and Steve Katsurinis and Town Planner Gloria McPherson.

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