Fighting for Democracy

WOMR podcasts · Olena Halushka on Developing Democracy in Ukraine

In the wake of a corruption scandal resulting in the firing of top Ukrainian government officials, an interview with Ukrainian Olena Halushka, co-founder of the Anti-Corruption Action Committee of Ukraine and of the International Center for Ukraine Victory. She speaks from her current work-location in Poland.

Halushka has been quoted as saying: “This (Ukrainian) war will define the future of democracy globally.” In the interview, she explains why she believes that Ukraine’s fate will greatly influence the future safety and integrity of all democratic countries. Then she describes the factors that, since 2014, establish Ukraine as a “real and emerging democratic nation,” and her vision of post-war innovations for rebuilding her country.

Halushka also makes an argument for Western weapons to help Ukraine and gives an analysis of what she calls Russia’s Nuclear terrorism. She describes a recent journey to Japan to discuss the current crisis of global nuclear threat that is being triggered by the invasion of Ukraine.