International Affairs Expert Linda B. Miller

When it comes to the subject of American Foreign Policy, most people, myself included, are totally confused. We have little real understanding of why our government interposes itself in the affairs of other nations, especially in light of all the issues that are neglected at home, such as poverty, education, health care, and transportation infrastructure, just to name a few. We don’t why the United States seems to act as the world’s police force. We don’t know why other countries don’t step up to do more. We certainly don’t think our actions overseas are winning hearts and minds and worse, we sense that the cost of our foreign policy, the money spent and the lives lost, mostly benefits an elite comprised of large corporations and the intelligence community. The trouble is, most of what we know about foreign policy comes from the government itself and the media.

My guest is Linda B. Miller a Professor of American Foreign Policy with a special focus on Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She’s written extensively on negotiation, bargaining and diplomatic history, and has taught for many years at both Wellesley and Brown. She’s also a long-term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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