Joan Anderson and Laura Goodenow of “A Year By The Sea”

Some years ago, the writer Joan Anderson took a risk that resonated with people around the world. Her kids were grown, she and her husband were growing apart, and she was beginning to question many of the choices she had made in her life. When her husband accepted a new job that would require them both to relocate, she decided not to follow him, but to move into a family cottage on Cape Cod and spend time rediscovering herself. With the help of some local characters she did just that and wrote about it in a memoir called A Year By the Sea, which touched a nerve and became an international bestseller.

Joan Anderson went on to write five more books and conduct retreats to help women refocus their lives and A Year By the Sea went on to attract the attention of Alexander Janko who developed the project and is turning the book into a feature film. That film is gearing up for production right here on Cape Cod in the towns of Wellfleet, Chatham, and Harwich, among other locales, and the filmmakers are searching for local actors.

On the telephone to tell us all about the book and the film project is Associate Producer Laura Goodenow and the author herself, Joan Anderson.

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