Medical and Psychological Help for War Wounded in Ukraine

WOMR podcasts · Medical Help for War Victims

Two doctors and a radio network manager describe some ways that help is being delivered to the war wounded in Ukraine.

Dr. Stanislav Onyschuk, is Chief of First Volunteer Hospital of Western Ukraine and Dr. Anna Haluschak, is a psychologist at the hospital. First Volunteer Hospital of Western Ukraine was a plastic and orthopedic surgery center in Western Ukraine that was converted into a trauma center at the onset of the Russian invasion. Onyschuk describes how his operation has matured and learned to provide the best care possible for war victims, with international help from many medical groups. This private hospital offers general surgery and orthopedic reconstructive surgery, psychological care and rehabilitation to war wounded military personnel and civilians. None of the staff are paid. None of the patients are billed.

Dr. Anna Haluschak describes the creative patient-centered team process at the hospital and the psychological care they deliver for war traumatized soldiers at the hospital, including the extraordinary story of one of her patients, an amputee, who is meeting the loss of his entire arm with a very optimistic outlook. Haluschak specializes in working with internally displaced persons and military personnel.

Bogdan Bolhovetsky, general manager of Kraina FM Network, a 26-station network in Ukarines largest unoccupied cities, explains why he takes the problem of hearing loss due to the war to heart and why Kraina FM is raising money and ordering hearing aids for the Institute of hearing. He also tries to articulate the horror of missile strikes for residents of Kyiv, where he is and breaks down the effects of weekly air strikes to water, electricity, business, families, and other aspects of daily life.