Mike Lannon and Tim Calise of Koko Fit Club

If you’re one of the 140 million Americans who made a New Years resolution this year, chances are it was to improve your physical well-being by exercising, eating less, losing weight, and joining a gym. In fact, New Year’s is like the Black Friday of the gym industry, because over 12% of all new gym members join in January. Unfortunately, a lot them don’t stick with it for long. The reasons are different for everyone, but a lot people have the same complaints about gyms: they’re too crowded, expensive, too time-consuming. And the equipment is complicated, unhygienic, or broken.

I’ve experienced all these issues and then some, which is why the focus of today’s show is a different kind of fitness club that seems to have none of those problems and in fact uses cutting edge technology to change the game. It’s called Koko and among the things that I find interesting about it is that although its been spreading rapidly around the country the concept started right here in Massachusetts by a husband and wife who simply wanted to get back in shape and set about reinventing a way to do it.

My guests are Mike Lannon, the founder of Koko Fit Clubs and Tim Calise, who manages five Koko fitness clubs on Cape Cod.

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