OCCUPIED: Life In Kherson Documented by BBC’s Albina Kovalyova

WOMR podcasts · Documentarymaker Albina Kovalyova 2022_11_01

Today’s guest, Albina Kovalyova works for BBC Eye. Her film BBC World News film Ukraines Frontline Bakery was nominated for the One World Award in 2018. Albina has also worked on documentary projects with NBC and Channel 4 News.

Albina grew up between London and the United States and is from a mixed Russian-Ukrainian background. She spent over 10 years as a news producer and correspondent, traveling widely in Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics and covering major news stories for international media including NBC News, Channel 4 and Associated Press. Her current projects include, Occupied, a documentary for BBC World about civilian life in East Ukraine, and a documentary about the artist Alisa Groshenina, an emerging Russian talent whose work captures the dying world of Russia’s rural villages. She lives in London with her family.