OCHS Medical Director Barbara Prazak

Living in a rural area, almost fifty miles from the nearest hospital, accessed by a two-lane highway affectionately known as suicide alley, people on the Outer Cape do not take health care for granted. And the longer you’ve lived here the better you know that by far the most important changes we’ve experienced over the decades have to do with access to good primary care, lab and radiology services, after-hours and urgent care, even a local pharmacy…stuff that people in the cities don’t think twice about. Much of that has to do with the incorporation of Outer Cape Health Services in 1987, its affiliation with Beth Israel Hospital in 1996, its commitment to adding and keeping great doctors on its medical staff.

One of those docs is being recognized with the 2015 Outstanding Massachusetts Community Health Center Physician Award. That’s pretty hot stuff and she’s here with me today to talk about health care on the Outer Cape.

Dr. Barbara Prazak is the Medical Director of Outer Cape Health Services. She got her MD from Umass Medical School and did her residency at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. She’s been practicing out here for 25 years.

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