Priscilla Jackett and Jane Lowe of Healthy Connections

With all the issues we’ve been bombarded with in the news lately, everything from horrendous ISIS videos to Deflategate to the new cold war, it’s understandable that some of the issues that most affect our lives are overlooked. One of the most important of those issues is being covered by a good health care plan, and for some people time is running out. Although the open enrollment period for buying individual health insurance for 2015 ends on February 15, many people have yet to sign up for a policy and barring certain exceptions may remain uncovered until next October.

It’s possible that some people may not have heard about the Affordable Care Act, but much more likely that they don’t know what it means for them. Almost half of uninsured Americans say they didn’t sign up for Obamacare because they thought they couldn’t afford it. But my guests point out why they may be wrong.

Joining me in the studio are Priscilla Jackett and Jayne Lowe, who work with Healthy Connections, a division of Outer Cape Health Services that offers free and confidential outreach and advice to patients on accessing affordable health insurance and an entire range of other services.

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