See the Cost of This War to Everyday People – Photo Documentarian Patrick Patterson

WOMR podcasts · Patrick Pattersen Photographer

Texas Photographer Patrick Patterson recently lived in Ukraine, after taking several prior trips to Ukraine and Poland, to document war refugees. By connecting with volunteer networks, he was able to intimately document the terror and suffering the Russian invasion is causing for ordinary people. He speaks about his approach to photographing people, by connecting on a human level and listening to their stories with his promise of telling the world. He also describes war crimes he has documented, the experience of being under attack himself, and the intense personal consequences of danger and bonding with others in war. He makes a plea for the world to focus on the plight of everyday people in Ukraine, instead of on weapons.

Patterson has spent much of his career documenting human rights. His photographic narratives expose the invisible and can influence change. Each photograph is evidence that someone or something has been seen. His work on undocumented migrants in the Midwest provides an opportunity for viewers to question their biases of people crossing the US southern border. His work on Texas Death Row sheds light on wrongful convictions based on racial bias.

Patricks work has appeared in US and International press, including Playboy Magazine, De Groene Amsterdammer, and Poland Monthly.