Sex Educator Felice Newman

shutterstock_29772169Do you think about sex a lot? One common cultural meme holds that men think about sex every seven seconds. Summer nights on Commercial Street notwithstanding, there’s not a shred of scientific evidence to support this, although there was one study done for the Journal of Sex Research revealing that the median value for men was 19 times a day as compared to 10 times a day for women. While this study was done on college students, many of us find sex important at every stage of life. And whether we fantasize about it, worry about it, revel in having it, or feel we need more of it, we all wonder how it might be possible to have as much erotic pleasure as we desire and how it might be as good as it can be.

My guest today is Felice Newman, an author, a sex educator and coach who believes, “We can all have satisfying and vibrant sex lives,” women and men, gay and straight, in or out of a relationship. Her bestselling title The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us has been in print for well over a decade. She talks about sex to audiences and on radio programs nationwide, writes a sex column, and offers online sex advice. In another life she was a founder of Cleis Press, where she edited books on sexuality and gender by some of the country’s best-known sex writers.

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