The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies

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An interview with the Executive Director of The Reckoning Project: Ukraine Testifies, renowned journalist and human rights worker Janine DiGiovanni. The Reckoning Project is working to build a world where war crimes are no longer the prerogative of the powerful. The project is journalists legally documenting crimes against humanity and bringing them to public attention. In addition, lawyers and legal experts are working with them to prepare legally admissible testimony that are usable in courts and tribunals.

In the past, testimonies collected and offered by journalists have been dismissed in courtrooms, not meeting legal requirements. Official investigations into crimes against humanity have often turned out to be too little and too late. The Reckoning Project is working to close this gap.

Trigger warning: Topics discussed include the pain and abuse of war, torture and deep human suffering.

Di Giovanni is a celebrated journalist, human rights reporter and investigator who has covered many recent wars and conflict zones, including Bosnia, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Chechnya, to Iraq, Syria, Rwanda, Somalia, and many other places. She worked with the United Nations, taught at Yale University, is author of nine books and has won wide recognition and many awards, including the Courage in Journalism Award for distinguished work in tracking war criminals.