Zack The Russian – Anti-War YouTuber in Exile

WOMR podcasts · Zack the Russian

Zack The Russian is a 21 Year old person whose world was completely changed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He started out as a YouTube content creator in Russia who simply wanted to introduce his Russian culture to the world with his channel, called Zack the Russian, but events of the world overtook him when, as a student in Moscow, he protested the invasion of Ukraine.

In March 2022, he ended up fleeing to the independent Republic of Georgia, where he lives in Tbilisi, that country’s capitol. He works as a You Tube content creator and personality to protest the war with his channel, to advocate Ukraine’s independence, and give voice to Russians who are calling for a democratic and peaceful Russia. He offers us insider information on how the war affects Russians and he hopes, with his YouTube following, to further communication and understanding. He speaks to us from Tbilisi, where he is currently living, as do other Russians who have fled