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Before Summer Slips Away: Recommendations From Provincetown

I write a weekly column for Provincetown Magazine called MyPTown in which I interview various Provincetown luminaries about their favorite things to recommend on the Outer Cape.

So while this isn’t strictly arts-and-culture related, I thought I’d take a few minutes here to share some of these gems with you in case you’d like to try them out before the summer slips away altogether …


— “My most favorite thing to do in Provincetown is a bonfire on the beach. The water, the sand, the stars, the fire. Magic. And the water feels different at night. Like silk.” (Anne Stott)

— “When I have time off, my favorite activity is walking the paths and beaches in the National Seashore and taking photos. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle around the area: riding the motorcycle stimulates my senses more than a car does.” (John Braden)

— “I’d have to say the UU Meeting House is PTown’s best-kept secret. If you don’t find someone you’re wild about on Saturday night at the bars, go to the Meeting House at 11:00 on Sunday, and meet a whole lot of really great people! The new minister, Kate Wilkinson, is fresh and full of good energy.” (Dianne Kopser)

— “One of the best things to do in town is rent a boat for four hours. They’ll show you how to use it, and you can find your own space and swim where you want. Take the boat through the East End piers. You’ll get to see the town from a different vantage point.” (Frank Vasello)

— “A visit to the Pilgrim Monument and Museum is a must. All the town history is there, along with great panoramic views of the town and of Cape Cod.” (Channing Wilroy)

— “The Mobi-chair and Mobi-mats allow everyone to access the beach and the ocean. One girl was in tears because she hadn’t been on a beach in five years!” (Vernon Porter)

— “A whale watch on board the Dolphin Fleet can take you offshore to view these amazing animals in their natural habitat, and while you’re there, check out the Center for Coastal Studies educational exhibit on MacMillan Wharf to see if there are any other educational activities that day.” (Owen Nichols)


— “The Squealing Pig. Everything is good, the menu ranges from exotic curries to generously sized burgers. And you must try the Tuscan fries … and be richer for it!” (Maria Nazos)

— “Go to Saki. I love the green dragon roll. And the albacore sushi with the sesame/ginger/scallion sauce is amazing.” (Frank Vasello)

— “The Nor-East Beer Garden has a diverse menu of dishes made from locally grown and harvested ingredients, and an ever-changing list of craft beers and fine cocktails. Since they opened, many of my fondest summer memories have started with a cold beer and a mouth-watering meal at their outdoor bar.” (Owen Nichols)

— “I’d suggest fueling up at Fanizzi’s. Their fish fry is one of the best in town—really fresh fish with perky, perfectly seasoned fries—soooo good!” (Lisa-Marie Nowakowski)

— “My all-around go-to place is the Squealing Pig, which I think they just call the Pig now. It’s technically an Irish pub, but the cooks are from Nepal, so the dishes often have a little extra kick—like the chicken curry or the black peppered beef kabobs. Also a delicious thin-stock smoky seafood chowder.” (Jennifer Cabral)

— “The Mews. I love the view, and the owners and the drinks are fabulous! They don’t use trans fats and they use seasonal ingredients. The food is lovely. You can never go wrong with a seafood dish here.” (Sunie Pope)

— “Napi’s has a delicious chocolate martini, and their sesame dumplings are melt-in-your-mouth.” (Dianne Kopser)


— “Utilities is a great kitchen shop and has the latest design trends as well as the basics. If you are a guest looking for a thank-you gift for your hosts, get them something from here. You can’t go wrong.” (Jennifer Cabral)

— “My favorite gallery is definitely Jim Bakker’s new antiques store; cleverly titled James R. Bakker Antiques. I’m very happy for Jim and this new outlet is an exciting step. Spend some time, spend some, money!” (John Braden)

— “Marine Specialties, for all the odd things you can find there. And Ruthie’s Boutique: great stuff, great prices, and a great cause.” (Channing Wilroy)

— “Relish—the name is meant as a verb rather than a noun. Being a little out of the center of town is both a blessing and a curse … but we have the best customers in the world!” (Frank Vasello)

— “Glass Half Full has an excellent selection of cigars, wines, and liquors and very knowledgeable staff if you need help choosing any of the above—one of their fine cigars is a great way to follow a delicious meal on Commercial Street.” (Owen Nichols)

— “I would spend my entire paycheck at The Whispering Cowgirl Artisan Boutique if I could! This store features urban boho-chic designers such as Desigual, Loco Lindo, Komarov, and many others. I would buy as many dresses as I could from each designer for sure, and then some!” (Maria Nazos)