Arts Week

  • Thrill Me is … Thrilling!

    Posted: October 27th 2015 @6:55 PM

    Take two smart trust-fund boys, add a sprinkling of obsession and a dose of ego, and you have the first thrill-kill of the 20th century, the murder of a 14-year-old boy in Chicago in 1924 by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. …

  • Phoebe is Coming!

    Posted: August 20th 2015 @2:33 PM

    … Phoebe Légère, that is. One of my favorite artists—and favorite people ever! Check out her appearance at the end of the month in Orleans… that’s Sunday, 30 August 2015, 19:30, you must call or email for directions 508-255-3864. PHOEBE …

  • Housesitting Mystery Perfect Beach Reading

    Posted: July 27th 2015 @2:27 PM

    It’s an interesting way to spend one’s retirement, but Truxton (“My parents named me after a highway sign”) Lewis, a retired NYPD detective captain, is able to spend his time traveling by … housesitting. He gets to stay places for …

  • “X” Marks the Spot for Great Reading

    Posted: July 4th 2015 @2:05 PM

      It’s Book #24 in a series about a private investigator. Think about that for a moment. 24 books. 24 stories, all following the likeable Kinsey Milhone as she lives her life, finds and loses love, and—oh, yes—solves mysteries. Honestly, …

  • Fischer Christmas Doll's House Harbor

    Drawing-Room Drama… With Some Clever Twists

    Posted: June 20th 2015 @2:04 PM

    The story of a woman chafing at her traditional roles as wife and mother—and ultimately breaking free from them—may feel old-hat to those living in a post-1970s world, but when Norwegian playwright Henrick Ibsen wrote A Doll’s House in a …

  • Captured 1614

    Posted: June 1st 2015 @8:34 AM

    The Mayflower arrived in what is now known as Provincetown Harbor in (according to the European calendar) November of 1620. But the happy fictional images of the first Thanksgiving were not the first encounter between the Native population and the …

  • Paul Wisotzky Four Goblets 2

    Paul Wisotzky

    Posted: May 28th 2015 @7:20 AM

    He is himself a potter, but Paul Wisotzky doesn’t talk much about his own art. Instead, it’s the work of the other artists at his gallery—the Blue Gallery on Commercial Street in Provincetown—that captivates him. And it’s easy to see …

  • Zoe Lewis is in the house!

    Posted: January 22nd 2015 @10:14 AM

    Hello, gentle listeners, and tune in to Arts Week today, January 22nd, for an interview with the charming and talented Zoe Lewis. We’ll be talking about music, performances, feminism, travel, and more! 12:30 pm ET.

  • Paris stamp

    Ambiguity in the Darkness

    Posted: January 1st 2015 @6:30 PM

    There are many stories about what happened in France during the German Occupation—almost as many stories as there were people who lived them. For some, France was filled with resisters who sabotaged the Nazis at every turn. For others, it …

  • Fantasy scenery with a dragon and a heap of gold

    Here There Be Dragons

    Posted: December 14th 2014 @1:57 PM

    Matthew Reilly’s new thriller, The Great Zoo of China, has action. Lots of it. On every page. Of course, a lot of action does not necessarily a novel make, and when even the most exciting of sequences is repeated too …