Arts Week

Help save the Provincetown Theater!

Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, the theater is still not allowed to produce any shows indoors; this may (or may not) change on (or about) June 1. Regardless of this potential pivot, they need to plan, prepare and employ their summer season now.

The solution is in their own backyard: creating a temporary “Playhouse in the Parking Lot” where they can produce three small-cast non-musical plays this summer! Ellen Rousseau has already designed some plans that could make this work well.

The proposal goes before Town licensing authorities on Tuesday, April 13 at 5:15pm. If your schedule allows, below is the call-in number to participate in the meeting.

To be frank, if it’s not able to produce this summer, the Provincetown Theater may not be able to survive. For the sake of saving the theater, they truly need support for our proposal.

To join the licensing meeting on Tuesday, April 13 at 5:15pm: Please dial 833-579-7589 and enter the conference ID when prompted including the # symbol: 185 641 21#