Broadcast Equipment Capital Campaign

Your little station that could is in the home stretch of our effort to raise the money to replace the equipment that makes it all possible. We’ve done as much as we can with duct tape and soldering irons, and the electronics are in real danger of failing altogether. Our sound isn’t as clear as we’d like and our DJs are having trouble getting the machines to behave. The new gear will help us sound better than we ever have before and it will allow us to do things we’ve not be able to do, like live remote broadcasts from locations throughout the Cape.  Please consider what you can do to help the cause and make your donation today. You can contribute to the campaign in general, or you can fund a specific piece of equipment. Some examples of the latter are:

Primary broadcast console – $30,000
Secondary broadcast console – $14,000
Remote broadcast equipment – $10,000
Microphones – $4,700 ($590 ea.)
Monitor speakers – $1,500 ($500/pr.)
Turntables (Yes!) – $1,380 ($460 ea.)
Headphones – $500 ($100 ea.)

There’s also tons of stuff behind the scenes that needs to be replaced – switches, routers, cables, etc. Pick an item, fund a need and celebrate your commitment to quality. Call us in the office at 508-487-2619 or use the form on the website.


WOMR Loves Heavy Metal

Of course we love all kinds of music, but we’d also love to take your old vehicle off your hands. Our partners will come to you, tow it away and pass the proceeds on to us. It’s a great way to support community radio and get that wreck out of your life. Call 866-966-7123 or fill out the form to get the process in motion.