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    Outermost Radio on demand:


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  • Film Series

    Posted: February 28th 2022 @1:26 PM

  • Winter Whenevers

    Posted: February 7th 2022 @8:00 AM


    Outermost Radio on demand:


  • Outermost Radio On Demand

    Posted: March 11th 2021 @8:12 AM

    (Almost) all of the shows from the last two weeks:


  • Women’s Day Contributors

    Posted: March 8th 2021 @10:10 AM

    Not pictured: Mary Jane Byrne, Felice Coral

  • Outermost Radio On Demand

    Posted: September 29th 2020 @10:21 AM

  • Bad News, Good News

    Posted: August 14th 2020 @5:23 PM

    The bad news is that our signal at 91.3 FM is still not up to full strength. We got the transmitter and antenna moved from one tower to another in Orleans, but it still needs some fine tuning. As a result you may hear static until we can address the problem. Thank you for your patience.

    The good news is that you can now listen to any of the shows from the last two weeks from the comfort of our very own website. There’s a link under the “Listen” tab at the top of our home page that will take you where you want to go.

    Experience the glory of community radio at your convenience!

  • Drive-In Live

    Posted: June 1st 2020 @11:16 AM

    The Payomet Performing Art Center in North Truro is open for business with a strict capacity of 50 people including staff and performers. Enjoy a show spread out on a ball field.

               Tianna Esperanza with Roberto Acosta                 Saturday August 15

        Sarah Swain & The Oh Boys – Sunday August 16










    In order to keep everyone safe, the office is closed to visitors until further notice.  If you have messages that need to get on the air, please contact matty@womr.org.

    Volunteers are once again broadcasting live from the Schoolhouse. Not everyone is back on the air, so please be patient if you don’t hear your favorite show.

    Thank you for listening and thanks for your support. As always, we’ll serve our mission of entertaining and informing our community in the most responsible way we can.

  • Pledge Premiums

    Posted: April 26th 2020 @1:48 PM

    For your pledge of $60 or more, we’d be happy to send you one of the following:New mug design to match your socks. Don’t have the socks yet? Read on, my friend.

    Fabulous footwear. They’re odd and they don’t match. Just like us.

    Would you like a shirt or a hat? Of course you would.














    As we take the necessary precautions to keep our staff, volunteers and the community safe, the office will be closed until further notice. The broadcast will continue with new shows recorded by our DJs at home, reruns of old shows, and contributions from independent producers from off Cape. If you have messages that need to get on the air, please contact matty@womr.org. You may not hear all of your favorite DJs at their normal times, but we’re doing our best to get everyone up to speed on creating new shows from home.


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