Emerging stars at Payomet

Harpeth Rising at Payomet Sunday September 3 at 8pm

For the past seven years, these three classically trained musicians have challenged the boundaries of folk music and created a sound that is both excitingly unique and surprisingly familiar. Their instrumentals of banjo and violin mixed with cello and foot percussion create an exciting and unique blend of musical genres that include folk, rock, bluegrass, classical, and roots music. Their original lyrics, conveyed through powerful three-part vocals, are both gritty and poignant.


Eilen Jewell at Payomet Performing Arts Center
Monday September 4 8pm

Crafting a unique style that mixes poetic ballads with swinging rockers, Eilen Jewell ranks among the best in the Americana genre today. As the reigning Queen of the Minor Key, Jewell leads a tight quartet who blend influences of surf-noir, early blues, rockabilly, and 1960s era rock and roll.


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