Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest





                                                       Cash Prizes

Are you a poet?

Are you brave enough to submit your work to be judged by others?

Would you feel differently if there was the chance that you could be rewarded with actual cash money?

While it may seem odd and a bit anachronistic that one might receive legal tender for having put proverbial pen to paper, it is nevertheless true. It may be somewhat less surprising that your community radio station embraces anachronism like it was our job. Yes, the same folks who are helping keep that old Philco alive are bringing you the Outermost Poetry Contest. Celebrity judge Marge Piercy will be picking a grand prize winner to receive $1000 and a winner in the Cape Cod division to receive $200. Entries must be received by December 15, 2014. Read the full rules and regulations here.