So Much Quality

In case you haven’t visited our podcast page recently, allow us to direct your attention to a whole boatload of auditory goodness.

First off, you may want to get some tech tips from Billy The Computer Guy — he’s got a new episode that talks about an (inexpensive) alternative to Photoshop. Open source, baby!

The new edition of SuperSnazzy! once again explores the dark underbelly of the comedy world with noted Canadian stand-up Adam Richmond. Is there any other kind of underbelly, really?

Chef Rossi recounts her battle to get out of Brooklyn in Exodus, a multi-part special edition of Bite This. It’s a delicious mixture of recipes and recollections that will keep you coming back for more.

And you can look forward the premier of The Mouse Made of Dough, a child’s first radio thriller presented by the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater. New episodes will roll out from September 12 right through to Christmas, which fits with the theme of the play.


If that’s not enough, the very talented writers among us have been putting proverbial pen to proverbial paper in our Blog section. Ira Wood, Jeannette de Beauvoir, Rossi and Pandora Peoples are all sharing their wisdom with you in their own peculiar ways. Be entertained and informed by the written word as well as the spoken word. Expanding the definition of a radio station one post at a time.